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Flying Stunt Kites

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Flying Stunt Kites

Kites have long had a history of being used to entertain, from religions displays in Ancient China through to children having fun with kites on a windy day in their local park. But people are generally competitive and so look for bigger, better and more exciting.

This is true in almost all walks of life and it certainly rings true for kites. Whilst many are happy to simply fly their kite on a windy day many more people like to push themselves, and their kites, to the limit – which is why the practice of flying stunt kites ‘took off’ (sorry, couldn’t resist) and is now a very big hobby, and sport.

What are Stunt Kites?

Stunt kites are, as their name suggests, kites that are designed for ‘stunt’ flying. The definition of stunt flying can vary but in the main what they are is designed for quicker, more maneuverable flying, allowing all sorts of tricks and stunts to be performed by the person in control.

To enable this sort of flying to be best achieved a stunt kite is created to certain specifications, using designs and materials that the user thinks is best to achieve their goals.

One major difference in most stunt kites to normal kites is that they are multi lined, to allow greater control over the direction and speed of the stunt kites. Indeed the speeds created are far in advance of your average kite – able to speed along in the air at over 100 miles per hour.

The lines need to be very secure, as they take massive forces on them and you need to be sure they don’t snap – so special materials designed to be both lightweight and strong are used. For this reason the person controlling the kites also needs a high level of strength and dexterity.

As with the lines the materials of stunt kites are carefully selected to ensure strength and being a light weight. This is essential in allowing the complex stunts and maneuvers that stunt kites are known for.

Flying Stunt Kites

Flying stunt kites is far from a simple matter, it takes practice and a lot of hard work to be able to properly control a stunt kite, never mind to pull off some of the more complex swoops and loops. For a lot of people the stunt kite is something they ‘graduate’ on to after mastering the basic kite.

It certainly takes a lot of strength (given the pull that the kites can create) as well as dexterity to be able to properly control the stunt kites. It also needs a certain type of imagination to be able to done well – creating the best looking displays needs vision as well as aptitude.

It is important that anyone flying a stunt kite knows what they are doing before hand. Not only are stunt kites expensive pieces of equipment they are dangerous too – remember that these are basically projectiles flying at over 100 miles an hour, that can do serious damage if they were to crash land on someone.

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